Eighth ILJ Conference: Programme (June 13-15 2023)

Tuesday June 13

Marsha Collins, Chair, Department of English and Comparative Literature, UNC-Chapel Hill
Elizabeth Engelhardt, Senior Associate Dean for Fine Arts and Humanities, UNC-Chapel Hill

Session 1
Karen Sanchez-Eppler, Amherst College, “‘I put the dishes away then I was painting again’: The Daily Chores and Artistry of Catherine King, or Bustling about in Juvenilia Studies”
Sara Danger, Valparaiso University, “The Lowell Offering: American Girls, Literary Labor, and the Industrial Revolution”

Session 2
Jeffrey Bibbee, University of North Alabama, “Katharine Hull and Pamela Whitlock: The Far-Distant Oxus and Adventure Fiction in the 1930s”
Rob Breton, Nipissing University, “Teaching the Romantic Child through John Ruskin’s Juvenilia”
Katherine Stein, UNC-Chapel Hill, “The History-Makers: Locating the Child’s Historian in Nineteenth-Century Juvenilia”


Session 3
Talk about Texts
Angelique Bassard, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Frances Watkins [Harper]”
Audrey Gibson, UNC-Chapel Hill, “John Crowder”
Rachel Rackham, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Arthur Conan Doyle”

Session 4
David Hanson, Southeastern Louisiana University, “John Ruskin and the Editors of Friendship’s Offering: Authority and Friendship””
Pam Nutt, Presbyterian Ladies’ College, “David Williamson’s Juvenilia: Taking on the World”
Kathy Rees, Independent Researcher, “Imitative and Imaginative Storytelling: Edmund Gosse’s ‘Sleep in the Deep’”

Welcome dinner

Wednesday June 14

Session 1
Eric Bontempo, Abilene Christian University, “Aestheticizing Melancholy in the Juvenilia of Alfred Tennyson and Arthur Hallam.”
Emily Sferra, UNC-Chapel Hill, “”Parted on the plain of life”: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edward Browning, and the End of Youthful Androgyny .”
Marjorie Stone, Dalhousie University, “Slavery’s Intimacies: Piracies and the Creative Process in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s ‘The African.’

Session 2
Sylvia Hunt, Laurentian University, “The ancient love that bards of old enjoyed”: William Blake’s Early Poetry and the English Gothic”
Anna Merz, UNC-Chapel Hill, “‘Beth is a very fastidious girl’: Beth March, Dickensian Process Articles, and Corporate Juvenilia in Little Women
Celeste Seifert, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Bleeding Nuns and Falling Monks: Lewis on Juvenilia of the Gothic tradition.”

Lunch break

Session 3
Talk about Texts
Adrienne Munich, SUNY Stonybrook, “Queen Victoria”
Beverly Taylor, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Marjorie Stone, “Elizabeth Barrett Browning”
Victoria Valle, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Josephina Niggli”

Session 4
Inger Brodey, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Austen’s Juvenilia and the Art of Anti-Climax”
Lesley Peterson, University of North Alabama and JJS, “The favourite Sultana of the great Mogul’: Orientalism and Empire in Jane Austen’s ‘Jack and Alice’”

Dinner on your own

Session 5
ISLJ Special Session to honor Christine Alexander and Juliet McMaster
Rob Breton
Lesley Peterson
Juliet McMaster, University of Alberta
Christine Alexander, University of New South Wales

Thursday June 15 (shared events with JASP)


ISLJ Keynote
Eliza Richards, UNC-Chapel Hill, on George Moses Horton

Lunchtime Roundtable
Editing EBB for the Juvenilia Press
Eric Bontempo. Anna Merz, Celeste Seifert, Emily Sferra, Katherine Stein, Beverly Taylor, Sarah Walton (Marshall University)

Andrea Immel, Princeton University, “ ‘Juvenilia’ with a small ‘j:’ Illustrated Manuscripts by Children in the Cotsen Children’s Library”
Tim Gress, UNC-Chapel Hill and NYPL, respondent
Liz Shand, Dartmouth College, respondent

JASP Plenary
Kimiyo Ogawa

Special Collections Digital Presentation
“Literary Juvenilia in the Time of Jane Austen (plus its Afterlife)”

JASP events on Thursday include:
Bookcraft workshop, dance practice, talk by Adam McCune, original theatricals and games in the evening