Fees & Entitlements

Current membership fees are as follows (all fees CAN$):

  • Full-time faculty: $50.00 per year
  • Graduate students, independent scholars and adjunct faculty: $30.00 per year

Membership dues support the annual conference, a newsletter, the “Journal of Juvenilia Studies” (JJS) and the Juvenilia Press.

It is hoped that all ISLJ conference participants will be, or will become, members of the society. However, we fully understand that graduate students and adjunct faculty, etc., often have financial constraints that make such a commitment difficult.

Members receive a print copy of the JJS, distributed at the conference. If you wish us to send you your complimentary copy by post, please contact Rob Breton at

Payment & Registration Procedures

★ For New and Renewing Members

Before proceeding to payment, even if renewing, please provide us with/confirm your contact details by completing this form (opens in a new window).

★ Payment of Dues

Payment can be made via bank transfer to our account, or postally by cheque.

★ Donations

All donations to the ISLJ will be most gratefully received. These can be made via transfer or cheque (see indications below). In either case, please clearly indicate your payment as a donation within the transfer application or in a note with your cheque.

★ Transfer

Depending on where you carry out the transfer and with whom, you will need some (or all) of the following information:

  • Beneficiary: International Society of Literary Juvenilia
  • Concept: “Annual Membership Dues” [or “Donation”]
  • Bank: Scotiabank
  • Branch: Yonge and Mapleview (Barrie ON), Canada
  • Institution number: 002
  • Branch number/Transit: 45542
  • Account Number: 0014419
  • Account Type: Checking
  • Associated Telephone Number: 705-675-1151 (6711)

Additional details are listed here.

Online transfer can of course be made by whatever means you prefer, but, for secure and convenient online transferences, we can recommend Xoom (a Paypal service) or TransferWise.

★ By Cheque

You can send a cheque payable to the Society by post to the ISLJ treasurer at the following address:

Dr Sylvia Hunt
Dept. of English
Laurentian University
935 Ramsey Lake Rd
Sudbury ON
P3E 2C6

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