The JJS Journal

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The Journal of Juvenilia Studies (JJS) is a publication of the International Society of Literary Juvenilia.

JJS is an open-access journal publishing peer-reviewed scholarship, book reviews, and notices. We encourage original submissions and welcome enquiries from scholars in the field.

Recent Scholarship in Juvenilia Studies

October 2022: The JJS is pleased to announce the updating of the “Recent Scholarship” section of its website, and would be grateful to hear of any bibliographic information for scholarship released since 2019, as well as information on earlier works that are not currently listed.

The JJS welcomes details on works of traditional scholarship (articles, monographs, critical editions, reviews), as well as news of non-traditional projects including digital humanities work, public humanities initiatives, pedagogical projects, and undisciplined approaches to the field. These may include both self-authored pieces and works produced by colleagues.

Submissions may be sent to Katherine Stein and Anna Merz.